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INTRAKAM S.A DE C.V is an enterprise of the private initiative created on October the 6th 1995 in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Our activities are oriented towards the implementation of technologies and technical assistance, analysis, recommendations and diagnostics of the agricultural sector, as well as the formulation and commercialization of conventional and organic products for the national and international agricultural sector.


Integración de Tecnologías y Recomendaciones Agropecuarias de KAMara

P H I L O S O P H Y:

To permanently dedicate all our creative and intellectual efforts toward the research and development of new products and technology, to better serve our clients and our enterprise, while contributing positively in the food production, satisfying the requirements of a sustainable agriculture

To build and maintain as a team effort the generation of resources, the development and growth of our clients, our enterprise and of the personnel based on a solid administration and an efficient performance of our team work.

M I S S I O N:

Contribute to human nourishment with the fabrication of agrochemical products of the highest quality, which result in high yielding; Transcending in this milieu with research and technology that assure a sustainable agriculture as well as quality and profitability.

V I S I O N:

Be a model of agricultural development that contributes to the growth of our community, with technology that favors the efficient and rational use of the earth, water and other natural resources, capable of transforming the most arid landscape in a place of abundance.


Think, create and work in group to solve on-the-field problems opportunely and at a lesser cost, making the farmers the winners. Transcend as an enterprise in our field through time as a consequence of innovative actions and significant contributions for the field. Share the benefits of our creative and intellectual efforts between the company and its collaborators according to the participation of each.


Be leaders in Mexico on service and commercialization of added-value agrochemicals. Offer the best nutrition programs and phytopatology in terms of efficiency, cost, profitability and avant-garde technology. Participate in the development and innovation of Mexican agriculture.


They are the result of a thorough investigation carried by our enterprise, by other institutions or based on some scientific concepts as part of a state-of-the-art technology. They are specific because of their action mode based on the synergy of GENETICS, METABOLISM, NUTRITION and GROWTH FACTORS for the good plant and soil microorganisms functioning.

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Boulevard Futura #425
Col. Cerritos
Saltillo, Coah.
Teléfono: (844) 415 85 26

INTRAKAM Centro America

INTRAKAM Centro América

Sales and development in all Central America:
Belice, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá y Costa Rica



Sale of IK products and linked entreprises in Western Africa through commercial partners and/or franchising.

INTRAKAM Baja California

INTRAKAM Baja California

Calle Novena #340
Col. Centro
Ensenada, B.C.
Teléfono: (646) 175 86 74



Raw material production (extracts, essentials), formulation and sale of generics, extraction, formulation and sale of humic substances, purchase of strategic raw materials.