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OMRI Products

In Intrakam, innovation is the center of our activities. Our job consists on the conception of high performance products that protect and improve cultures as well as the solution of on-the-field problems with specific methods for each problem. Intrakam products do not have a unique objective, but their action mode intends to nourish and improve the soil while the product tackles a specific symptom.

Our objective is to count with a line of products that are bening and efficient, avoiding the accumulation of pollutant residues in the soil and underground.

From an environmental point of view, our products are classified in 4 groups:

  • Organic products obtained from natural substrate, plant extracts, algae, microorganisms and their combinations. These products do not have a negative impact in the environment and within them we find insecticides, fungicides and soil amendments mainly.
  • Products obtained from ingredients used in the food industry that do not have repercussions on human health, the environment, plants or animals: fungicides, additives and plant metabolizers.
  • Products that have a moderate impact on the environment like insecticides some fungicides and herbicides.
  • Products that respond to OMRI exigencies, a certification destined to the production of organic cutures.

OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute)

Now a days agricultural production has a convergence between environmental and health aspects; this has obliged the world to give more importance to the organic production and the use of organic products.

This tendency has become a need for a very important group of consumers, increasing the organic producers. This has promoted the establishment of institutions which regulate Organic products and their use on agricultural production.

There are 2 main institutions in the world: OMRI (America) and IMO (Europe) which guarantee the products for organic production.

INTRAKAM is the first agrochemical enterprise that has established a base of organic products, certified by OMRI which cover in the technology of production specific and fundamental aspects such as::

  • Culture protection: SINERTROL Líquido.
  • Growth regulation and development: HORMOKAM.
  • Culture protection, growth regulation and development: GENERBROT.

Disinfectant and nematode inhibitor.

Technical Information

Gibberelic acid activated with enzymes and Vitamine C.

Technical Information

Plant growth reactivator.

Technical Information

Fungicide and bactericide.

Technical Information

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