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“At the beginning of blooming, we had a sever intoxication from our neighbor but thanks to the combination of Metabolic, Sinergro Max 10x and Viretrol I could recover my crops and did not lose my investment”

“Since years we have handled corn culture and we always had the feeling that we never achieved the maximum potential of my culture; now that we know the Intrakam Corn package we can exploit the maximum genetic potential of each of the varieties of corn that we crop in the zone of La Barca, Jalisco”.

— La Barca, Jalisco.

“In the world coffee market, there are many production zones with big coffee varieties, making the market more and more competitive and consumers palates, which encourages us to seek products like the Intrakam Line where we have been able to use products such as Sinergo TF, Metabolic, Sinercalcio BZn, Sinerba 60-30 with the intention of improving our cultures and be able to compete in the market, not only in Mexico but in the rest of the world”.

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